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Could you achieve more at work?

Want work to be more fulfilling?
Struggling to get things done?

My approach to coaching is to challenge my clients to think big and holistically about their career and life aspirations. With those big ideas in front of us, we develop goals, identify obstacles, and create a plan to accelerate progress toward those goals. Coaching is not a remedial or corrective activity. Rather, it builds upon your existing strengths to help move your career forward. 

My clients often seek coaching to:

- Enhance leadership skills

- Gain self-awareness

- Build more productive relationships

- Improve balance between demands of work and life

- Identify a preferred career path

- Prepare for a promotion or transition to a different role, including retirement

As your coach, my role is to know the right questions to ask, push you out of your comfort zone, and hold you accountable. Your role is to push yourself, face your fears (or whatever is holding you back), and take action. Yes, it can be intense! But we are always working toward your goals and your success. To do that, we cannot be complacent and must get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Despite the intensity, we will have a lot of fun and learn together along the way!

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