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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a self-report inventory designed  to identify a person's preferences that, when combined, constitute a personality "type." The MBTI can help individuals gain self-awareness of their personality preferences and the similarities/differences between themselves and others. 

A Myers-Briggs workshop is an opportunity to learn personality preferences with an intact group - whether it be a workgroup, a family, or even a bunch of friends. The workshops are highly interactive with activities that demonstrate how personality type influences how we interact and experience the world. Workshops can be held at our office or on-site.

A Myers-Briggs Workshop will:

  • Increase your awareness of the types of personalities in the group and how personality type influences how people interact.

  • Explain how personality influences organization, decision-making, and thinking.

  • Provide you with techniques to communicate in ways that are effective for all types.

All workshops are customized to meet a group's individual needs and desired outcomes. Workshops are typically 2-4 hours in length. I am very flexible with the schedule and location. 

Myers Briggs Workshop: Text
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